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This contract is written for the protection of individuals purchasing (buyer) and selling
(seller), as well as, for the Akita being sold. The Akita being sold is the product of a breeding
between________________&_________________.   Both have Champion Bloodlines.

This Akita is GUARNATEED to be in good health at the time of sale and for 72 hours,
thereafter. This Akita must be examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours and if this puppy is
diagnosed to have a verifiable life threatening or crippling disease this puppy must be seen by
another veterinarian that is not affiliated with the same facility/staff members as  is the first
veterinarian—this is a Second Opinion.    If  both veterinarian’s diagnoses are the same this
puppy must be returned to the seller  within 10 days from the time this puppy was received
by the buyer. This puppy can be replaced with a puppy from the same sire and dam providing
there is a replacement puppy available, however, if there isn’t a puppy available at that time
this puppy buyer can choose a puppy from the next litter (sire/dam may be different).  
Failure to have this Akita examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours voids this contract. The
buyer will be given a complete record of all inoculations and worming. There will be a non-
refundable deposit of $250, of which, needs to be sent to the breeder, VIA PayPal will charge a fee, of which, is the responsibility of the
puppy buyer to pay.  Outstanding balance is payable at time of puppy pick-up (cash only).  If
for any reason, I should decide to refund any payments, allow 60 days.
(This Applies to pups without AKC Papers (Registration) or for Limited Registration only).
There is a small fee if you wish to register him/her with Limited Registration.
This  Akita will be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours from the time the
purchaser receives this dog/bitch. The purchaser agrees to maintain this Akita in a clean and
healthy environment with proper nutritional and medical care. Purchaser agrees to provide
the proper amount of socialization including attending Obedience Classes. This Akita will not
be registered with the American Kennel Club unless the puppy buyer requests it, however,
there is a small  fee for                                                                                                               
these papers. The purchaser will not allow this Akita to run loose, be tied or chained or
otherwise mistreated in anyway. Purchaser agrees not to place this puppy in a carrier for
more than three (3) hours during waking hours; however, this Akita may be placed in a
carrier during sleeping hours. Carrier must be large enough for this Akita to be able to stand,
turn around and lay down in comfort.  This Akita puppy cannot be used for breeding.
If for some reason, this Akita has to be placed in another home you MUST  notify the
breeder first of such actions, contact Akita Rescue to see if they can house this pup or find a
home for him /her.  If they can’t accommodate you then he/she can be placed in a
shelter, however, if that facility transfers this pup to a different shelter it
MUST  be a shelter
that does not kill their animals. Failure to abide by the terms of this contract will result in the
loss of this guarantee.
This puppy is the result of a breeding between:_______________&________________.

Sterilization (neuter/spay) is required and should be done as soon as this puppy buyer's
veterinarian advises.

This contract covers the sale of one ( ) Akita

Dan's Name/Registration Number:

Sire's Name/Registration Number:  

Puppy’ s Sex: ________Color:___________________________  
Advertised as: _________________________________
Seller's Signature:_____________________________ Date:_________

Purchaser's Signature:______________________ ___Date:____ _____

Purchaser's Ph#:______________Purchaser’s Email:

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