This Is Ozeki's Summer Rain (Grandma),  As I Like To Remember
Her--Young, Healthy & Happy. At The Age Of 6 Months (To Your
Left-Lower Pic) & At 3 Years Old (To Your Left ,With Her First
Litter-Higher Pic). She was the Best Mother /Grandmother I've Ever
Seen. She Passed Away In 2009, At Almost 12 Years Of Age.
I Was Blessed To Have Had Her In My Life and She's Dearly Missed.
Cheri - Boomer is thriving with his new family - he is very much loved and fitting right in. He is such a fantastic dog. He has been in
our lives for less than 3 weeks, but has already changed the entire fabric of our family. From the moment we met him at the airport,
he has been an absolute joy. He is an adorable puppy, full of life and personality. When we picked him up, he was bit shaky from
the long flight, but responded to us immediately. He is making friends wherever he goes. Wherever we take him with us, we need to
plan an extra 15 to 30 minutes just for everyone to say good bye to Boomer. The children on the street all come to play with him
and bring him toys. One of our neighbors has a son who is afraid of dogs - but it looks like Boomer is well on his way to curing him.
They have never seen him interact with a dog before and Boomer is so friendly and gentle. He is teething, and those puppy teeth
can hurt a bit, but he is very smart and responsive to direction. He is pretty nearly house trained, with very few accidents, most of
which are the humans fault, not Boomers. We couldn't be happier. We were not sure if we were ready for another puppy after losing
both of our beloved Akitas last year. Now we know we were just waiting for the right pup - Boomer is good for the soul. And, he is good
for our health, as he is very active and giving us lots of exercise. We are sending the latest photos under a separate email.
thanks so much,
Mike and Karen
Tatonka at 7 Months of
This Beautiful Little Girl  Is A
New Addition To The
Cheraki -Akita Family
Introducing You To:
Cheraki's Abby Gabby Abigail
She Belongs to the Breeder
& Resides at Cheraki - Akita Kennels
Ozeki's Summer Rain
Click on Above Name
to View
Cheraki's Hey Dude
Hi Cherie ,She is just as you have described her; curious, independent and intelligent.  
She is keeping us very busy and we love it. She is a gorgeous little girl.  The vet gave
her a clean bill of health.  Well we will send more pictures soon.  Thanks for
everything!  Love Randy and Jeanne    
Caleb at 6
months and
4 days
Hey Cherie,
First I would like to thank you for the perfect little companion. He is everything I wanted and asked for. He is doing great, healthy, and growing
like a weed.  He had his 2nd shot and 3rd worm and is now 17lbs at 9wks of age. I get attacked every time I take him to the vet or anywhere because
he is such an eye catcher with personality to match. People love him and even if they have there own pets with them they seem like they wish they
could have Zion instead. People ask me all the time where did I get him and I tell them that he flew in from Seattle Washington and they look
amazed. I cant give enough good reviews about you Cherie and your Akita's. I'm so grateful that the Most High guided me to your website , and there I found my perfect companion. You were always upfront with me and honest. You were very patient with me in
deciding which pup I wanted. You always sent me updated pictures and I loved all the pictures, it really helped with the wait and anticipation. You
really have a true love for the Akita Breed and most of all for your Akita family, of which, I truly respect. I definitely recommend you Cherie to any
potential Akita owners " you will truly receive a beautiful, intelligent, healthy Akita with an excellent temperament from a breeder who really
loves the Akita breed and her Akita family".
Thank you again Cherie and may the Most High bless you and your Akita family. Talk to you soon and will send pictures
soon.                                         Austin                                                                              
Bear is still an angel! In fact, he's quite the care giver when we're
down. He got his diploma last night in his intermediate obedience
class, and he's taking his test next week for his Canine Good Citizen. He
is an exceptional pet.
This is Cheraki's Sir Rugarson
Big Paw. He has Sired
Some of these Puppies.
My Brother & I Live with
a Wonderful Family
Diesel is doing great and getting BIG!!! He fits in with our family                                  just
perfectly and has a great temperament.  He never jumps on                                 guests or
the furnature and doesn't chew the furnature either.                                    We take walks
on the waterfront and it's always an event based                                 
off on all the compliments we get about him. Last week people                                    
even wanted to have their picture taken with him. His favorite                                       
thing to do is throw his Kong Ball in the air & chase it down the                                   
hallway.  He is such a sweet heart & loves giving kisses. Bryon                                                
"LOVE" with his new K9
Mom!!!  Can you tell???
This is Osa and she loves her new
family, especially the children.
She gets so......excited to see the
children come home from
school. Matt, her owner, is very
pleased with her markings &
personality.  She is loved and
happy.  That "makes my day"
when I hear reports like this.
This is
Cheraki's Hey
&  He Belongs
to the
Breeder &
Resides at
Cheraki - Akita
This is Cheraki's K.C. Keeper &
He Belongs to the Breeder &
Resides at Cheraki - Akita
Osa as a baby!
Just thought I would give you a little update on Hercules!! He is doing great!!
He is a little terrorist in the mornings, he slept all the way through the last
two nights. He is eating great and being a little monster!!! Ha ha! I also think
he is going to be a talker!! He already knows his food bowl and if I am not
fast enough filling it up he will start howling at me!! He is to cute! I will try
and get vidio of feeding time for you!! Hope all is well! Talk with you later
Winchester is approx. 4 to 5 months old
in these pictures.
His father is
Cheraki's Sir Rugarson Big Paw, better
known as T-Bone
Email dated 1/14/2012 from Wendy Not
sure if this is the same squirrel, but Bella
made a lot of friends with the squirrels
in my back yard....they
would come up to my sliding glass door
to call on Bella....I was speechless,
because Bella would
go outside and run around with the
Second email, same day, from Wendy
Bella is the love of my family and she is so
well behaved!!  People always stop to look at
Bella and they tell me how beautiful she is
She loves to walk to Starbucks with me and
enjoys the attention she receives.  She's no
longer that shy puppy that I brought home.  
She is so gentle with kids and so eager to
give hugs and kisses.  She has been a Good
Ambassador for Akita!
Resides at Cheraki - Akita
Looks like someone, Cujo, had a
rought/restless night--Bad Cujo!!!
Pictures of the Parents
can be Viewed
on Pages Labeled Sires
and Dams.
This is Baby Kuma at 3 months
and 1 day old. He is a brindle, with
a black mask and white markings.
He is a handsome boy and very
much loved by his owners.
Email from Breeder,
The above/to your left emails
are a result of selective
breeding and a very good
puppy buyer in Wendy
(owner).  Wendy  has
previously owned Akita's and
is familiar with the pro's and
con's of raising an Akita.  In
addition, she has read-up on
this breed.  She has done all
the right things from
socializing Bella, to being
patient with her, giving her
affection, love and attention.  
She has been firm, but in a
loving way and never heavy
handed with Bella and it paid
off with a wonderful addition
to her family, in Bella.
Wendy, Thank you for being a
Great K9 Parent!!
At 6 Months Old
(Tankers) at 15 Months of Age.
Kylee being sassy and talking
This Is Scratch
He Lives In Washington State
With a Loving Family
In her new home! She has adjusted very well with our
family.  She has a wonderful personality and very
playful. She has even learned "sit", "lay down" and
"up" (to sit up from laying down) and knows it very
well.  Misha is now 20 lbs! She's doubled in size and
her coloring has gotten more and more beautiful.
Thank you for everything. ~Jamie & Kurt
Are Of  
Boota & She Lives
With A Family In
Washington State
Who Adores Her--Can
you tell???
Tatonka is now almost 20 lbs and doing great! He is such
a blessing and so much fun to have around. He has little
or no fear of other animals and truly believes that he is
the "Big Dog", that is with the exception of dad. Once in
awhile if he bites too hard I hold him and growl. He
dosen't fight he just turns his ears back. Speaking of ears,
his are now standing on their own. He is so beautiful.
Well I've got to go. Take care and I hope you enjoy the

Brian and Wendy
These Three Connecting Pictures
Are Of Tatonka.
He Resides With A Loving
Family In The State Of
At 3 Years Old
Kuma is doing very well. He's starting to test our authority and push the boundaries.
Needless to say he's keeping us on our toes. Thankfully he's easily redirected when we
have to remind him who's the boss around here.  He seems to have slowed down on his
growth.  He weighed in at 62 lbs. last Saturday. We were wondering how big his parents
are? BTW, this is his favorite position to lay. He's quite a goof ball!!!! He loves to talk as
well. He's constantly talking to Lilly and trying to get her to play. She looks at him like
he's an annoying little brother. We had to take him out of his crate because he finally out
grew it! He"s constantly moving while he sleeps. Thankfully he behaves at night and gets
through the night without any accidents. Jill
5 months
Kuma is a very laid back dog. He's
friendly, easy going and very gentle.  
He's very strong but never gets forceful
with any of us. He's also very gentle
with Lilly. Its really interesting to watch
the dynamics with those two. He could
easily hurt Lilly but knows she's top dog
and always shows her respect. We are
all very happy to have him in our
family and we could not have asked for
a better tempered dog. We get a lot of
compliments on him and his demeanor.
Thank you for breeding  such
wonderful Akitas.
Ms Cool!  One of my puppy
buyers sent this picture and said
she really looks cool with her
head out the window
and her sun glasses and she
enjoys every minute of it.
These Pup's are not for
Sale.  They Reside with
their new Families or
have Remained with me
for Future Breeding.
From:  New Owner  To:  Breeder
Dutches has been the best gift I have ever
had I often tell my wife dutches is "the
gift that keeps on giving" in the picture
we are enjoying the falls at Mount Ranier
Moka is a great family dog! So sweet,
very well behaved, loves to meet
people, and her favorite toys are
stuffed animals! She is also very smart!
Sits, stays, shakes, and takes treats
very gently from our hands!! We
absolutely love her!!!       DOB: 11032014
We're all having a blast with Zoee. She's a super good natured pup, up for almost anything, and
she loves to cuddle… go figure. Who knew that Akita's loved the water. Here's a picture form the
lake yesterday where Victoria was teaching Zoee to play fetch in the lake. OF course they are
both wearing their life jackets as kids should be doing…
Caleb will be getting his second set of starting
his training class at the corner Petco. They are
excited, they have never had an Akita before.
He is getting much socialization with all the
customers here. The girls at the bank have
pretty much forbid us from going there unless
we bring Caleb with us. They love him  so
much. They all rub his belly and he loves it.  
Quality service and quality puppies. This is our
third Akita. Cheraki Akitas are the best."

Mike and Kim
Myla, our new puppy, is proving to be a wonderful little puppy
bear. She learned how to sit in 1 day, no joke, and that was
around 8 weeks old. She's growing like a weed, and is a great
addition to our family. We are still working on potty training,  
but she hasn't had an accident in the house for quite some time.  
She surprisingly loves to play in the sprinkler with the kids and
has even gone swimming already. She has a beautiful coat and
her color is lightening up quite a bit. She also has a beautiful
stance,  which I never have said that about a dog before,  but it's
true. Thank you,  
This is Cheraki's Danaeto &
she has Whelped Some of these
We absolutely love him. He is the kindest, most friendly
dog. So athletic too. It is amazing how fast he is, and how
high he can jump. Would have made a great police dog.
This is Tucker & a note from his
new family. We couldn't be
happier to have him.
From:  New Owner  To:  Breeder
2/21/2015 12:45pm
Moka is doing great!  Started pup 101
training.  Very social.  Center of attention
where ever we go.  Loves the beach too!
2/21/2015 3:37pm
Moka was our family Christmas present
for 2014.  She is such a sweetie!
At 16 weeks she continues to explore and
learn more about her surroundings.
She has already met Wally and Izzy her
dog buddies in the neighborhood.
She has also met other dogs while going
to the beach for the first time.
She even has her own Instagram site.
On the beach in the water and sand.
Just having fun, fun and more fun.
What a life!
Cheraki's Tug of War
Future Stud to Our
Cheraki Akita's K9 Family.

I wanted to email you and give you an
update on our puppy that we picked up
from you a year and a half ago. She will
be 2 yrs old in May and she has been
the best dog ever, even in all of her
puppy stages. She is seriously the
biggest lover ever and loves all people
and other dogs of different sizes and
breeds. We take her to the dog park
often and have never had to worry
whether or not she was going to be
aggressive with another pup. She's
seriously a gentle teddy bear.  
Her temperament is awesome as well,
and we've luckily never had to deal with
separation anxiety either. We leave her
inside the house while away for short
periods of time and she has never tried
to eat or destroy anything  (unless the
kids leave their stuffed animals on the
ground). :)

Thank you for such a great pup!
Thank you,
Hi Cherie,                                                     3/2017              
Yoshi is adjusting well to her new home. She is extremely smart and
catches on fast to what you ask her. She is such a love and quite the
social butterfly. Shes already got a circle of friends. She's so
beautiful and I'm so blessed to have her. You've made me feel like I
haven't bought her from just anyone but I have bought her from a
friend.  God bless you for the love and care you give to each and
everyone of your dogs. She will be deeply loved.
Thank you, Monica

K.C. Keeper
Can you see Mr. Straps
new friend on the lower
right of this picture?
Aw......are you being a bad
Hi Cherie,
Yoshi is doing so well. She's so smart
and totally doggy door trained. She
seems to be getting redder every day.
Everyone that sees her says she's so
beautiful. She has a huge circle of
friends including the dogs next door.
She's totally in love with my boyfriend.
He's here every night and she follows
him everywhere. She's such a blessing
to my life. Thank you so much for
selling her to me...I'm so in love with
God bless,
Riko has been just a joy to us.  
He is great with people and
dogs.  He is very loving with
our family.  We have had six
Akitas and he is at the top of
the list.  All of our Akitas have
been great but he is special to
me.  I will send pictures if you
are interested.
Yoshi is 5 months old in
this picture taken
Yoshi is 5 months old in
this picture taken
Email from John, her owner.
She is now 5 months and 55 pounds
what a lover she is! I call her my chick
magnet if I only looked that cute!
She is now 95 pounds and healthy. She is incredibly sweet and she is the little girl I never had. I don't
know if you remember but we were concerned that she might not get along with our older male husky
as he seemed to be jealous but that is not the case. In fact they are pals and play constantly. I cannot
express to you how much she means to me. She is my baby and my sweetheart. She is smart, playful,
makes me laugh, and is never aggressive but is a very good guard dog in the house. I cannot be
happier. Thank you for everything. I had no idea how much she would mean to me.
This is Lucy, one of my pups all grown up and according to
her owner she has turned out to be a gentle, loving and
beautiful family member.
Received an email and this picture
from one of my puppy buyers.  He
informed me that my former puppy is
great with his daughter and beautiful.
I thought I should send you some
updates of our big boy. So please with
him, he’s a bite of a butt head, but he’s a
lover too.  Enjoy.