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My Akita's, The Love Of My Life.

Each have their Own Different Personality
but All are Affectionate, Loving and Loyal to their Owners.

For the Past 16 Years I have had the Joy of
Living with these Magnificent Creatures and Helping Bring
Fourth Their Adorable Puppies.

All it Takes to Own One of These Blessings
is Patience, Respect and Love of this Breed,
a Desire to Add an Akita as a Member to your Family
and a Safe and Loving Home.LE
Enjoy Your Visit
Thank You
                                       WHY BUY A PUPPY
For the most part, Champion sires/dams have had their
hips/elbows x-rayed and sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for
Animals (OFA), of which, is a board of professionals that rate
these x-rays.  
*My dog's have been rated with "Good" or "Excellent "hips/
elbows, of which, means they and their off-springs are less likely
to end-up w/hip/elbowDysplasia.                                                                
For the most part, Champion sires/dams have had their
eyes professionally examined by Canine Eyes Registration
Foundation (CERF) and rated.                                                             
* My dog's have been rated with "Good" or "Normal" eyes, of which,
means they are less likely to end-up with Progressive Retinal
Atrophy (a disease that leads to blindness) in
For the most part and if you want to be in the winner's  circle of  a
dog  show, these dogs have been fed quality dog food,  been properly
exercised, are up-to-date on their vaccines and well groomed for
shiny coat and healthy skin                  
The bottom line is, the more Champions you have on your puppie's
family tree/pedigree the better chance you will have a quality and
healthy puppy.                                                                 
Cheraki's Roxy
Cheraki's Tug of War
Cheraki's Tess
Cheraki's T-Bone
Cheraki's Halle
Cheraki's Titus
Cheraki's Titus
Cheraki's Cricket
Cheraki's Ace